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Born in 1987 in Casablanca, Soukaïna Aziz El Idrissi lives and works as a visual artist and surface designer in Casablanca, Morocco. She studied in London at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design where she procured a BA (Hons) in Textile Design specialized in weave and later went on to get an MA in Design, Craftsmanship and Entrepreneurship at Northumbria University.   Soukaïna spent 9 years (2005 – 2014) in London where she studied, taught and participated in several artistic events, seminars and symposiums. For the past 8 years she has extended her research on plastic waste as a social phenomenon. She explores all the possibilities this material, deemed waste, has to offer with the aim to interrogate its value of use and the perception one has of it. A large range of techniques, often experimental, are used to comprehend and present the material in a new light. Soukaïna Aziz El Idrissi has participated in numerous exhibitions in Morocco and the UK: Second Life in 2018 at the MACAAL, FEMMES: Artistes Marocaines de la Modernité 1960 -2016 in 2017, Rupture in 2016, Billboard Festival and Harmonia in 2015, Crossways/ Al Multaqa in 2013, Calibrated Composition in 2012 and Weaving the Threads of Livelihood in 2011. Thinkart dedicates a monographic exhibition, Chemistry's Greatest Achievement, in November 2015 in Casablanca. Soukaïna Aziz El Idrissi is also co-founder and general secretary of the Zero Zbel NGO.

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Née en 1987, Soukaïna Aziz El Idrissi vit et travaille à Casablanca. Diplômée d’un BA en Design de Textile du Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design et d’un Master en Design, Craftsmanship and Entrepreneurship de Northumbria University, Soukaïna passe neuf années (2005-2014) à Londres où elle étudie, enseigne et participe à de nombreuses manifestations artistiques, séminaires et symposiums. Depuis 8 ans, Soukaïna Aziz El Idrissi poursuit sa recherche sur les déchets plastiques en tant que phénomène social. Elle explore toutes les possibilités qu’offre ce matériau dans le but d’interroger sa valeur d’usage et la perception que l’on en a. L’artiste utilise différentes techniques avec une expertise certaine. Soukaïna Aziz El Idrissi a participé à de nombreuses expositions : Second Life en 2018 au MACAAL, FEMMES: Artistes Marocaines de la Modernité 1960 -2016 en 2017, Rupture en 2016, Billboard Festival et Harmonia en 2015, Crossways/ Al Multaqa en 2013, Calibrated Composition en 2012 et Weaving the Threads of Livelihood en 2011. Thinkart lui consacre une exposition monographique, Chemistry’s Greatest Achievement, en novembre 2015 à Casablanca. Soukaïna Aziz El Idrissi est également co-fondatrice et secrétaire générale de l’association Zero.

Photo Credit : Ayla Mrabet

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